How I didn’t go to Pride London! 

What? Who is bowing? Everyone? Well, I got it. I would be very frustrated as well. Well, escaping the wonderful rainbow march, I tasted a cheesy game. (Please don’t judge me, my doctor doesn’t have to notice it, cheers…) OK I choose to melt. First, because it was my job (and as you know on Instagram, sometimes, it’s a sweet experience). Then because I already paid tribute to LGBT people some weeks ago in a wonderful experience.  Continue reading


Les Miserables : French creation, English success

Anna Hathaway, sobbing, thanked Victor Hugo at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts awards ceremony. After years of success on stage in London, Les Miserables is now poised to become popular on the cinema screen thanks to the film director Tom Hooper. On all cinema screens? Maybe not in the home of the story.  Continue reading

Sergeant Pepper’s forever 

As the UK nation celebrated his guitar hero, (Happy Birthday Sir McCartney, I mean 75 that’s impressive), I did this time turn the clock back again. Not when he was 64, that’s not so old.  But 50 years ago. Sergeant Pepper’s shows its face, well its sleeve.  Now, hair turned a bit gray. And as you raise your glass you’d be up for any celebration, so let’s gather for Sergeant Pepper’s Birthday in busy London. Continue reading

Things I’ve done since UK attacks 

They said run, hide, tell. I just stopped, watched and hushed. Because I was abroad or not in the area. But the UK attacks collapsed daily habits a little. In the following weeks, just realized some things I did since then:  Continue reading

Camden keeps rocking with access all areas

Do you believe in Ghosts? Well, I was kind of the sceptic before going by night at Windsor castle. Oh yeah. Trust me, a wooden corridor by freezing December never ever ben so scary.  But I never feel so close to this spirit going to Access all areas exhibition by Paul Harries Continue reading