Sergeant Pepper’s forever 

As the UK nation celebrated his guitar hero, (Happy Birthday Sir McCartney, I mean 75 that’s impressive), I did this time turn the clock back again. Not when he was 64, that’s not so old.  But 50 years ago. Sergeant Pepper’s shows its face, well its sleeve.  Now, hair turned a bit gray. And as you raise your glass you’d be up for any celebration, so let’s gather for Sergeant Pepper’s Birthday in busy London.

Where does the journey start? Like every Proust’s Madeleine, at home with tea and memories. Can you hear it? When rain (not in Spain but England) tends to remain in the plain, it swallows a strange sound of music. Your London tune. Mine is a bit longer. Like a whole Long Play on my turntable. And from 5 to 20, the Black and Red vinyl turned with some out of tune Getting Better lyrics, strange moves on Within You Without You and crazy jumps on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (the song).

ZWYQA1DzTkGlvxiPkWF5XQ_thumb_f5Well, when strolling in Soho, second-hand record shops seem to have noticed that a celebration was about to be had. Nothing new at Beatles shop as the Baker Street souvenir place already paid tribute to the legendary album.

But to come closer (together) to the myth, there is only one address. Abbey Road studios painted the pedestrian crossing in fluo colors just for two days. But the whole fences exhibits the faces of the sleeve and the official shop does not forget to display the latest merchandising items.

7L2xUD0SSNyVMD+tmmecpQ_thumb_fdBack in 1967, the atmosphere was quiet around the studio. I mean if you forget this conversation on Garden Road. The fine on his car drove Paul McCartney to nice 1athoughts. « Meter maid » that’s very interesting. Well, that’s one of the roots of Lovely Rita.

Eastern people know where is Bishopsgate, not far from Liverpool Street, but « Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! » named the street by referring to vintage poster of Pablo Fanque circus.

On the way south, between Earl’s Court and Chelsea, you could notice a long Redcliffe Garden with a lot of traffic, so much that in 66, Tara Browne died in a car crash at 21. This shocked a bit his mate Lennon who related news cover in A Day In A Life.

And what about the real party? 

Chiswick House doesn’t sing but sounds like celebration of flower power. The plants were sewed in the exact place than the original work by Maida Vale nurseries. Before taking the shoot in the Chelsea Manor Studios ( 1-11Flood Street). Black door to end the walk but The Sergeant leads the road of pop culture forever.

Solène L. 

Let’s rock together !



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